MOVI travelled to London for the annual Chilean Trade Tasting at the Royal Horticulural Halls. It was a great chance for the press and trade to try the MOVI wines up close and four of the MOVI members were there to pour including yours truly…
Many of the UK press principals came and tasted (the usual list of suspects) inlcuding one Jancis Robinson. See what she wrote here in her purple pages but suffice it to say she felt Movi was something rather positive from the Chilean industry:
“One of the most interesting features of this year’s generic tasting of Chilean wines described was a special tasting of wines from the MOVI group, the group of small, independent wine producers that represent such a refreshing change from the Chliean norm of enormous companies owned by one of Chile’s dominant families.”
“I thought the wines represented a delightful change from the safe, predictable wines usually made by Chile’s mainstream producers (see Richard Hemming’s lament inBest of Chile? but of course the downside was that one or two seemed to be dangerously unpredictable, even borderline out of condition. But thank goodness they exist, thank goodness Chile now has some quirky smaller producers, and thank goodness the organisers of this tasting saw fit to include them.”
Cheers Jancis! We only ask for the chance to carve a small niche and it would seem our spirit, and wines, are both up to the challenge!
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