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suazal1Thank-you one and all to old friends and new, to everyone who helped raise money for Sauzal. The Carignan sold very quickly and the funds were dispatched last week. I shall be in the area and posting pictures here over the next few days.
If you wish to donate funds directly be in touch on
The original post :
I believe you all have enjoyed of our Carignan. Today we heard news from the growers and the neighbouring town of Sauzal– right there next Cauquenes very very close to the epicentre. This is precisely the zone where the dry-farmed old-vine Carignan grows. These vines are part of Chilean wine history and we want to lend our support. Today Renan Cancino viticulturalist, and son of Sauzal, asked for our help in the wake of the tragedy.
At garage Wine Co. we want to extend help but have very little means owing to the events of these days that have caused losses of our own wines at the winery in Maipo (including the Carignan 2009). Thus we have decided to donate the remaining stocks of Carignan 2008 that we had kept for counter samples and posterity and send these funds to the people who need them. Note some of these bottles have chipped wax capsules from the dear earthquake that started all of this mess.
carignanWhat little stock of this wine today is for sale in Supermercado Diez for 11,ooo / bottle so we have fixed the price of 6o,ooo for a case of six bottles. In the event that we can sell more than the stocks of Carignan Garage will replace bottles with Cabernet Franc toward raising more funds.
Please help us to help the people of Suazal and you will be lending your support to piece of wine history and future– Maule Dry-farmed Carignan.

Please do not send me mail to say “yes” nor “put me down for one”. Show me the money already and let’s get it to these folks. They are camped out in the plaza as we speak.
Again thank-you all for your help!
Derek, Pilar & Alvaro