Each Vintage Garage Wine Co. offers wine “Futures” whilst the wines are still in the barrel. These wines are allocated at a special case price and delivered a few months later (in bottle after harvest in July-August).
This year there are barrels of Mountain Cabernet from the Maipo Alto from both Principal and San Juan de Pirque, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir.
After much tasting and comparing (with outside Winemakers in the group) we have decided the 2009’s have more potential than the 2008’s and thus we have decided to raise this year’s Futures price by about a dollar a bottle to $75oo / bottle or  $ 9o,ooo / case of 12. The Future’s cases are a mix of the wines made in that given year in direct proportion to the number of bottles produced. This year there are aprox 52oo bottles.
For those of you who are new to this concept those who took advantage of last years wines Futures and bought in at $7,ooo / bottle watched the wines rise to $ 11,ooo – 14,ooo bottle on the shelf only a few months later. We expect a similar phenomenon this year especially after all the press over MOVI and the terrific scores these wines received in the guides just published.
La guia de Vinos de Chile – The Wine Guide of Chile
90 pts – #18 Cabernet Carignan
Guía Mujer & Vinos – Womens Wine Guide
90 pts – #16 Cabernet de Montaña Maipo Alto
90 pts – #17 Carignan Viejas Parras del Secano Costero
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