Fieldcraft Offer

The Fieldcraft Bottlings 

How it works


After early customers reached out, we decided to calculate an average commitment amongst those interested and come up with a round number to simplify things for all of those coming after. The average we had received was 72 USD  per case of 12 bottles. Ah, and everyone wanted to taste all three wines. 

Customers had asked for 3 cases of each wine ie. 9 cases total.


$ US 648 – 9 cases  / 108 bottles 

(3 cases / 36 bottles of each wine)


Understand that the support you offer is not a partial purchase, but rather support for works in the vineyards and with wines that would not ordinarily get made. It is for the polishing of old-vineyard diamonds in-the-rough, helping farmers to insert themselves into the world of fine wine fruit where they belong– and where work in said fields has a stable future.  

The wines will be ready to ship in March 2019 

After the support we have received we will ship at the price of our modestly priced: Single Ferment Pais that retails for (aprox): $ US 21 (see your regular pricing for Pais)

We shall only ship through our established importer & distributor.

Your cases will ship in a single drop from the importer.  

Note: There was never very much and there is precious little still available. What remaining small allocations are available are for those who reach out to help. The wines will not find their way into the market otherwise.

Afterwards you will have a front row seat, to witness the final stages of development of the wines accompanied by my own meandering narrative. And the beginnings of next years works! All pioneering subscribers this year, will be given first option to continue supporting next year’s Fieldcraft Bottlings– pruning the vineyards for the 2019 wines began all the way back in June and interesting new things are afoot.