A group of British critics were recently in Chile on a special visit looking for the fringes, the radical and the off-the beaten [supermarket] wine path. The group included Tim Atkin MW, Anthony Rose, Peter McCombie MW, Nigel Barden of the BBC and Karen Sutton from the UK Wines of Chile office. It was a great chance for them to meet up with most of the MOVI gang at Rukumilla out on Camino Lonquen for a meet & greet, tasting and a wee bit of lunch at the home of Andrés Costa & family proprietors of Rukumilla – organic wine produced their in their own backyard.
There was a lot of discussion about the image of the Chilean industry opening up to include new projects of [dare we say] smaller size and real provenance. There is certainly a growing interest in the world for wines from Chile made on a more human and less corporate scale it was agreed. Mum was the word amongst the critics over lunch as to what they liked and didn’t like, but it might have been the terrific lunch (plateada from the Rukumilla garden oven). When they took their plates to the kitchen I for one realised we had made them feel at home and not catered to – misión cumplido!
That the 2008 Garage # 17 Carignan Old-Vine Dry-farmed Field-blend was singled out as being so worthy of note from Chile today was a bonus, but our interest that day was in MOVI sending a message to the UK market and that done – the honours for Garage and dry-farming Carignan in Maule were strictly a bonus track.