Pure Pinot Noir fruit  from San Juan de Pirque single vineyard in the Maipo Alto (muy Alto Maipo at almost 1000 metres). Crafted with open-top fermenters, caps are punched down by hand and pressing is strictly manual. Maceration was relatively short 3-4 days previous to fermentation and 2-3 post. After fermentation it was aged for a year and a half in neutral French oak barrels of 3 or 4 uses. Fewer than two thousand bottles made.
100 % Pinot Noir
100 % Barrel Aged  (second & third use neutral French barrels)
Total Production:  900+ bottles
Alcohol        13.6% (Vol%)
Volatile Acidity        0.46 g/l
pH            3.55
Total Acidity        4,79 g/l Tartaric Acid
Reducing Sugar    3,o g/l
Note : We have been making Pinot Noir off and on when  fruit strikes us to be particularly interesting. They are small batches of 2-3 barrels as we seek the fruit that we like most. The idea of mountain fruit came from the fruits proximity to our mountain Cabernet Vineyard. The soils whilst close together are completely different owing to the narrow upper Maipo above San Juan de Pirque. These colluvial soils for the Pinot are along the edge of the foothills themselves whilst the Cabernet alluvials are further down next the river– the valley is very much a narrow gorge in San Juan. This is an older Chilean clone made with low yields due to the altitude and more trying conditions for growing the fruit. The wine was fermented more quickly than the Cabs and was lightly pressed by hand in an old basket press. Wine bottled in recycled glass.
Enjoy 2010 – 12