A true delight this week to have had Joe Roberts a.k.a. 1 Wine Dude blogger pioneer and Mike Dunne of California stop over to our’s for dinner and full-MOVI tasting during their recent visit to Chile. ( terrific blog see here )
What struck me most reflecting back on three hours of tasting and discussion of wine, Chilean wine et al was how often Joe expressed his view through references to discussion and comments made on his blog. Sharp palate, tolerant and interested wine writer blogger– a worthy critic with  a humility as rare and refreshing as a low PH dry-farmed Maule Carignan…
For those of you who have read and commented but never met, Joe he is a whole lot of wine knowledge in a sharp sprite package. As it was an informal affair no official picture was taken, but I did get this purple-teeth three wish blow on my phone.
Looking forward to tasting more Carignan’s  one day soon!